Vote or Die

I live in a precinct where there are less than 250 registered voters. I know you’re thinking, “She must live on the outskirts of Killdeer, North Dakota.” Nope, I live right in the middle of the second largest city in the country. I live in Los Angeles.

I don’t care that I live among the politically apathetic and the recently immigrated. I’ve already voted. Like 1/5 of the country I voted early. I’m also in the 18-29 year old demographic, (all the numbers aren’t in yet) but a tiny fraction of us vote. I don’t care that I’m in the age range of the politically apathetic and recently graduated. I’ve already voted.

I’m a voting snob. The first time I voted was on my 18th birthday and I’ve cast my ballot in every election since. Even the little local ones that no one cares about. I have a collection of ‘I voted’ stickers. I’ve been known to say things like,”Well, if you didn’t vote you don’t have the right to complain.” I feel cool when I read about what my congressman is doing in the House and I say to myself, “I didn’t vote for him and that’s why.” In short, I’m the trekkie of voters. I know I’m a dork and I take pride in it.

Now P Diddy, Drew Barrymore and Emenim of all people are getting young people to vote?!? It feels like that moment when I realized ‘alternative’ music was fully main stream and it was time to move on. If all these posers are going to be voting, what’s going to happen to me? Who am I going to talk down to? Will I be reduced to trolling the high schools with my ‘I voted’ sticker in hopes of someone being jealous of my exercising my constitutional right? I don’t want voting to be cool! People, it’s all I got! So this Tues. Nov. 2nd. Please for me – if you’re under 30 – stay home!

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