Mother Jones: Buddy Roemer’s Long Road to Reform

How the ex-Louisiana Governor channeled his political and personal demons into a rabble-rousing presidential campaign. Buddy Roemer for President Update, 5/31/12: Today, Buddy Roemer announced the suspension of his presidential campaign, noting that “the lack of ballot access in all 50 states makes the quest impossible for now.” He vowed to keep fighting “the enemies… Continue reading

Alternet: Why #OWS Needs to Denounce Violent Tactics on Display at Occupy Oakland

The Occupy Movement, “the 99 percent,” has, ironically, been hijacked by a small minority within its ranks. I speak of a small percentage of Occupiers who are okay with property destruction. As we saw in Oakland over the weekend: They’re okay with breaking windows, trashing city buildings and throwing bottles at the police. In short:… Continue reading

The Atlantic: Ideology Trumps Accomplishment as 112th Congress Pursues Futile Bills

Jul 27 2011, 7:00 AM ET 68 The debilitating debt ceiling debate is par for the course — instead of compromising, House Republicans keep pushing bills they know can’t become law House Republicans have been known to sneer at government red tape. Before becoming speaker of the House, Ohio’s John Boehner dismissed Obama’s health-care overhaul… Continue reading