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Column: No, Rubio, Rights are Man-Made

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The Iowa caucus brings out the evangelical in all Republican candidates. After all, previous winners include Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, two candidates who exclusively appealed to evangelical voters (and pretty much no one else). In Iowa, the most devout and outwardly preachy Republicans get the nod. Donald Trump mistakenly thought making up bible verses […]

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Column on Hiatus

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Dear Readers, I’m taking a hiatus from my syndicated column until January 2016 so I can work on a book and my new investigative podcast, Cultish. Thanks everyone for your devotion and generosity . Be well and stay in touch, TD

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Column: Bush Kept Us Safe*

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Try to contain your excitement, America! The younger brother of President George W. Bush wants to be president too. Well, he tells us he wants to be president. Jeb’s running as a legacy admission while saying he’s his own man. It’s like a 30-year-old living “alone” in his parents’ basement. The people advising and donating […]

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Column: Liberals, It’s OK to Like Bernie Sanders

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I watched the Democrats’ first debate of this primary season at a packed Young Democrats viewing party in the East Village. Hundreds of young left-leaning New Yorkers turned away from the Mets and the Dodgers in the playoffs to listen to the five presidential candidates for the Democratic Party at the lectern. The beer swilling […]

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Column: American Politics: Disagreeing to Agree

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According to a Pew Research Center poll in 2010, nearly 123 million Americans (41 percent) believe the Rapture will happen before 2050. I bring this up because the first supermoon lunar eclipse in 30 years will happen on Sunday, September 27, 2015. If you’re reading this column after then, it’s safe to assume it wasn’t […]

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Column: The GOP’s War on What’s Inside of Women

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By my count there are 163 candidates battling for the Republican nomination and not one of them thinks women should have the right to make decisions about their own bodies. The party that loves to chirp the words freedom and liberty when it comes to guns, taxes and corporations demands the government start regulating reproduction. […]

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Column: The Kim Davis Lesson: Religious Bigotry is Still Bigotry

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If you believe in inalienable rights, they apply to all people—even those you don’t like or agree with. So stop pretending wanting to deny other people their rights is god’s glory. There’s no honor in refusing fellow Americans their Constitutional right to personal freedoms. Bigot isn’t spelled “martyr.” Last week, scofflaw Kim Davis, Rowen County […]

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Column: Josh Duggar and the End of the Anti-Gay Crusaders

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I’d like to come out as the first person on record to praise Josh Duggar, former Executive Director of FRC (Family Research Council) Action for his participation in the online infidelity community known as Ashley Madison. Here’s a guy—a reality TV star—who molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters, and according to […]

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Column: GOP Candidates: From Bad to Very Bad

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I plead with all the writers, journalists, pundits, posters, commenters and tweeters of the nation: Please stop calling the Republican field a clown car. It was funny and image-provoking the first hundred times I read it. Now it’s the quip that won’t die. Also, in fairness, it’s an insult to clowns. While I’m not exactly […]

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Column: Pro-Life is Anti-Gun

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First let me get this out of the way: I don’t agree with the pro-life position on abortion for two reasons. One: If abortion is criminalized, all women of child-bearing years legally become public incubators. The ability to bear children will mean being subjected to special scrutiny by the government. If you believe women are […]

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Column: Governor Jindal’s Stand Against Religious Freedom

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I’m a free speech extremist. I believe the government has absolutely no business regulating or censoring speech. Of course, commercially popular speech doesn’t need protection. It’s only unpopular—racist, sexist and vulgar—speech that requires it. So as a free speech extremist, ironically, I often find myself on the same side as those I believe to be […]

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Trump: Rising From the GOP’s Ashes

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There’s no shortage of publicity maestro, name-emblazer Donald Trump think pieces on the Internet these days. Most will attribute his straight talk to his more-than-likely-fleeting frontrunner status. Others point to some anger or racism the Trump Brand Name has tapped into. The rest? Apologists or denouncers. But all seem to agree that Trump is bad […]

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Column: Peace is Boring

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In all of America’s 239 years of existence, only roughly 20 of them have been without warfare of some kind. And no, those are not in a row. We’ve had one or two years, here and there, where we haven’t spent our time bombing foreign countries, bayoneting our brothers in hopes of keeping our slaves […]

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Column: Republicans Are at Odds with Corporate America

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The Republican brand is that they’re on the side of business. “Corporations are people, my friends,” uttered doomed 2012 presidential candidate, CEO-turned-Massachusetts-Governor Mitt Romney. At the time I assumed what he actually meant was, “Corporations are my friends, people.” This has been the bottom line for the GOP: Business is their business. Even South Carolina […]