Blogger Asks For Payment From Newspaper

(tech note: I’m having issues with the embed, so it’s a screen grab linked to YouTube)
I’m calling this episode “YouTube to the Rescue!”

As a freelance writer, when I don’t have an assignment, I’m in the practice of writing witty and pointed opinion pieces to keep my name out there. I send these articles out to op/ed editors around the country. Some papers pick up my work. Many don’t. I’ve been doing this for years.

Well, a month ago I found via Google Alert a piece of mine was published in the Tampa Tribune. They never contacted me prior to publishing it. I sent them an email telling them I was never asked for my permission. The editor Jeff Stidham, responded explaining my unsolicited submission didn’t ask for payment or permission. Which is not how copyright works.

Anyway, I wrote them back, sending them an invoice for $75, which is the amount newspapers of their size and circulation normally pay guest columnists. I have not heard back from them.

So now my only recourse is putting a video up on the Internet to plead my case.


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