Sarah Palin’s Enemies List

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David Letterman Wall Street Journal/Sudeep Reddy Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) Levi Johnston Shannyn Moore Katie Couric Nicolle Wallace Steve Schmidt Kate Gosselin The Fed/Ben Bernanke Pete Rouse Joe McGinniss Peggy Noonan Ashley Judd Congressman Spencer Bachus (R) Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten Joe Miller Politico Karl Rove State Department (Ahmadinejad’s birthday) Rahm Emanuel Family Guy/Seth […]

LA Cityview 35

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In case you missed it on TV – I was on channel 35’s LA Cityview’s show about politics and comedy. You can go to the site and on the right side there is a link for show #36. Just click that and watch. The producer said it was the funniest show they had ever done. […]

Rubber Necking and Brain Picking

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This is a series of questions sent to me by Neophyte Comedian Danny Reyna. I posted it here for all to enjoy. DR: Are you constantly updating new material….& when do you feel u have a gem? How long will you work on that one bit? TD: I am always reading something, watching something or […]

Don’t Be Happy!

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A true compromise is when neither party is happy. The Right-Wing Agenda: Brain dead patients and the terminally ill will be kept alive as long as science can manage it. Children will be taught that God created the world in seven days, regardless of what SCIENCE theorizes. Abortion should be against the law – if […]

A Benefit Comedy Show

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This is an email received today: Forgive me if you know the story already. If not, please read. We’re doing our best on short notice to let people know about this show on April 6th. Thanks, Kevin A good friend and fellow comic Erica Doering found out that she needs an emergency eye surgery – […]

Dubya, Dubya, Dubya Dot Lame Duck

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Desperation: Not just for housewives anymore… It’s Saddam’s fault there is sectarian violence today in Iraq. He used violence to exacerbate sectarian divisions. Yes. That’s right. He has always wanted opposing sects in his country. Everyone knows Saddam is opposed to same sects marriage. Hey kids. I’m back. Miss me? Cheers!

Wenatchee, WA

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My room smells like french fries… So if you’re generally an unhelpful, snotty yet slow witted person…best not to work at a hotel. What with all the annoying people asking you dumb questions like,”Where’s the work out room?” and “Is there a good place to eat?” Sorry to tear you away from Yahoo Games, Princess, […]

Terror Threat

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And here’s why you won’t find strippers with large bon mots…. Funny women are a turn-off Men are intimidated, research says New research has found truth in the old stereotype that most men find funny women a turn-off. Scientists say women who tell jokes are seen as a threat, undermining men’s idea that they should […]

Ready to Road

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Once I was in a particularly nasty hotel/motel room. It was ‘under-construction’ by a group of wife smacking, crack head (to be fair, it could have been meth) gypsies. The room was about 10 feet from the freeway, five from the pool and two from the ice machine. Of course the last two were out […]


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Here’s an ‘only in California’ thing… I drove through a tree. Serious. I was doing a gig near the Redwood Forrest this weekend and saw a sign for the drive thru tree. I forked over my five dollars and then drove through a tree older than Caesar.

Sanctity in the Penitentiary

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The 76 year old death row inmate Clarence Ray Allen, was put to death early Tuesday by the state of California. Having suffered a heart attack back in September, Allen had asked prison authorities to let him die if he went into cardiac arrest before his execution, a request prison officials said they would not […]

Do Not … List

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Some of you may remember this brilliant bit of legislation called The Do Not Call list. Yeah, our government got together and realized that Americans were getting annoyed by telemarketers. So they made a list, checked it twice and this was going to reduced those phone calls. Those callers exempt from that call list: -Non-profit […]