Sarah Palin’s Enemies List

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Wenatchee, WA

My room smells like french fries… So if you’re generally an unhelpful, snotty yet slow witted person…best not to work at a hotel. What with all the annoying people asking you dumb questions like,”Where’s the work out room?” and “Is there a good place to eat?” Sorry to tear you away from Yahoo Games, Princess,… Continue reading


Here’s an ‘only in California’ thing… I drove through a tree. Serious. I was doing a gig near the Redwood Forrest this weekend and saw a sign for the drive thru tree. I forked over my five dollars and then drove through a tree older than Caesar.

Do Not … List

Some of you may remember this brilliant bit of legislation called The Do Not Call list. Yeah, our government got together and realized that Americans were getting annoyed by telemarketers. So they made a list, checked it twice and this was going to reduced those phone calls. Those callers exempt from that call list: -Non-profit… Continue reading