Tina Dupuy is a native New Yorker born in exile.

Her infancy was spent as glorified luggage, dragged around several countries on two continents and eventually attending nine elementary schools. The daughter of two self-involved former-cult-members, Tina was mostly feral until the age of 13 when she was finally made a ward of the state. Think, “Kafka as a pre-pubescent girl.”

The most stable home she ever had was an adolescent all-girls group home in Northern California where she made few friends by being a “stuck up nerd” who thought she was “better than everyone else.”

Tina’s life long ambition of being a paleontologist was thwarted by the siren song of freelance journalism.

Always the irreverent humorist, Tina’s philosophy is simple: As long as there are gallows, there will be a demand for humor.

Sometimes a comedian, sometimes a reporter—always a wedge-issue enthusiast and devout skeptic—Tina is an award-winning writer, investigative journalist. Her bizarre life story was featured on This American Life‘s episode #539 “The Leap.” She has also appeared on MSNBC and BBC. She’s written for Vox, Mother Jones, The Atlantic, Skeptic, Fast Company, LA Weekly, New York Daily News and Los Angeles Times among many others. She’s a host at SiriusXM’s Progress channel 127.

A (somewhat) complete list of the newspapers her column appeared in is here.

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