Column: Vulgarians Against Trump

As an F-bomb enthusiast — aficionado — practitioner, I take great exception to Republican Party id and front-runner Donald Trump being derisively called a vulgarian. Most recently failed heir apparent Jeb Bush called him “divisive and vulgar.” Now hold on! First: it’s offensive to vulgarians to be associated with someone as tacky as Trump. Second:… Continue reading

Column: Quitting the GOP

John-William Schiffbauer is what Republicans, at least on paper, say they want their party to look more like. He’s 31 years old (a coveted millennial) socially liberal, fiscally conservative and not totally white. “My grandmother was from Japan,” he says. He’s a New York City playwright who’s into cool whiskey bars and heated policy debates…. Continue reading

Column: The Hillary Paradox

In 1992, Hillary Clinton was derided as an extreme feminazi vying for all the power the White House could offer her as First Lady: A power-hungry Machiavellian candidate’s wife. A reporter from Columbus, Ohio famously asked her, “You know, some people think of you as an inspiring female attorney mother, and other people think of… Continue reading

Column: Black Presidents Matter

President Obama is a radical socialist…as evident by none of his policies or anything he’s ever said. He’s a radical because his opponents call him a radical. They dubbed his signature market-based health care law a government takeover of health care. It’s not. It’s RomneyCare, the most milquetoast of all the Cares. Still Congress has… Continue reading

Column: Hate-Watching the Election

“I love Bernie! I’ve donated to his campaign! He’s great!” my super conservative Beltway establishment Republican friend says. “Feel the Bern!!” He texts me with a snicker during all of the Dem debates. The night of the Iowa Caucus I retaliated, texting, “Cruz!! I’m so happy!” I knew that’d make him cringe. My conservative buddy… Continue reading

Column: No, Rubio, Rights are Man-Made

The Iowa caucus brings out the evangelical in all Republican candidates. After all, previous winners include Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, two candidates who exclusively appealed to evangelical voters (and pretty much no one else). In Iowa, the most devout and outwardly preachy Republicans get the nod. Donald Trump mistakenly thought making up bible verses… Continue reading

Column on Hiatus

Dear Readers, I’m taking a hiatus from my syndicated column until January 2016 so I can work on a book and my new investigative podcast, Cultish. Thanks everyone for your devotion and generosity . Be well and stay in touch, TD

Column: Bush Kept Us Safe*

Try to contain your excitement, America! The younger brother of President George W. Bush wants to be president too. Well, he tells us he wants to be president. Jeb’s running as a legacy admission while saying he’s his own man. It’s like a 30-year-old living “alone” in his parents’ basement. The people advising and donating… Continue reading