It’ll make you blind and dumb

That’s right – impotence drugs have been tied to blindness.

If the Universe wasn’t awful and cruel – when an old man TAKES Viagra – his WIFE would be the one that gets to be blind.


Call it chemically induced mood lighting.

Aw, Viagra – so bad for your heart and vision – so GOOD for comedy.

Medicare has been paying for Viagra for sex offenders.

My question is: Viagra was introduced 7 years ago –

Those whose JOB it is – to THINK about this stuff – didn’t think that the men that would be FIRST in line for a SEXUAL ENHANCING drug could be RAPISTS!?! And that if those offenders were on Medicare – ‘we the people’ would be PAYING FOR IT. No one thought about this BEFORE it was included on the Medicare drug plan? No one?

Who’s job was it? I want a name! Who? That’s whose next for a promotion in the Bush Cabinet. I read the papers, I know. Bush promotes them and if they’ve screwed up big enough they suddenly want to spend more time with their families. Who’s getting promoted? Just a hint. Who?

3 Comments It’ll make you blind and dumb

  1. Vector

    New slogan for Viagra:
    “Keep that spark alive! Use Viagra! And you won’t be needing a white cane.”

    Works only for white guys though…

  2. CW Fisher

    Recently I took half a Viagra and experienced a 50% increase in my erectile density. Had I taken the other half I’d have either suffered a hiatial hernia or my wife would have. The effect lasted more than 24 hours (not as one continuous erection but a series of them caused by incidental stimuli: a pretty girl, boxer shorts, a breeze, sitting, standing, so forth, but the condition caused me to walk in a hunched position and later untuck my shirt. Dick’s aren’t normally that attentive. I felt like two people sometimes. The guy with this really long neck is saying, Hey! Let me see! Hey! Tina, it was awful. I was drugged.

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