Women’s Libby…

So the funny and talented Abby Taylor over at Falafel Sex (named because Bill O’Reilly confused a loofah with a vegetarian staple food) did a post about Lewis Scooter Libby being an erotica writer.

First off, Abby cracks me up. She’s twisted and dark. Really, she makes me giggle like a 4-year-old watching the Teletubbies (are they still on the air?). Anyway, it’s embarrassing at times.

So I asked her where the idea of Scooter writing bad erotica came from.

She said,”It’s true.”

I said,”Shut up.”

She said,”No, really.”

I said,”Shut up!”

Well, folks here’s the link on Amazon.com.


Uh huh, and an excerpt:


Dwarf? What? Bath? Shudder.

The description on the back cover:


“His involvement with the mysterious travelers plunge him headlong into murder, passion and heart-stopping chases through the snow”?

Looks like someone had a premonition of prison!

Valerie Plame dedicated her life to her country as an under cover CIA agent. Then because her husband decided to call ‘bullshit’ on this administration’s case for war, her identity and her career were blown.

So far, the only person to go to jail is a journalist that talks like she’s doing a Hudsucker Proxy impression at all times. The only person indicted is a historically irrelevant erotica writer whose ‘cover story‘ was the worst piece of fiction I had ever heard until I read an excerpt from his novel.

Then I ask, what was going to be restored to the White House? I think ‘dignity’ and ‘integrity’ are brands of copper pipping or spackle. That’s the only way any of us can say with a straight face,”Dignity has restored the White House.”

And BTW, Copper piping could do a ‘heck of a job’ on leaks!

3 Comments Women’s Libby…

  1. Abby Taylor

    Now I think we have insight into why he’s called Scooter.

    I have no idea what that means, but it’s late and it sounded funny at the time.

    And thanks for the link!

  2. Kato

    The guy’s name is Scooter. If he wasn’t writing erotica featuring dwarves and “chases through the snow”, I would have been surprised.

  3. CW Fisher

    Dogs scoot on pavement to squeeze their anal glands empty of smelly gizm, so the name is appropriate. Thanks Tina (and Abby). I never would have known this otherwise.

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