When Comedians Attack

You’re NOT going to believe this!

Class action sought for ‘Dr. Phil’ diet suit
Unhappy dieters say they lost dollars, not pounds


Of all the people that you see on television, you’re going to take weight loss supplements with a picture of WHOSE double chin on it?

I have a version of the Dr. Phil Ultimate Weight Solution:

The first step is acquiring a life size cut out of the portly television personality. There are many Kinkos that will do this cheaper than the price of his book. If you really want to be a purist – get a photo of him nude.

Then you put that cut out in the room where you have most of your meals. If you’re like me, there is only one room, besides the bathroom to choose from. Note: most restaurants will not be into this diet program. You can scream about Free Speech – write letters with attorney stationery – try to stage a protest yadda yadda – but little can be done for them to accommodate you while on this diet. Best done on your own property where decency isn’t enforced…YET.

Now it takes a lot of self-control, but it is imperative to the diet’s success that you look at your cut-out during meals and:

  • Ponder the exploitation of weakness.
  • Question the validity of the claims.
  • Think about fleecing of the over-weight.
  • Then REPEAT.

    Feel the burn? That’s your common sense muscle getting a work out! Didn’t know you had one of those? It’s one of the many life-fulfilling benefits of this simple diet.

    This AMAZING life-changing plan can be YOURS! Simple send 3 installments of $19.95 to my PayPal account. And tune in daily to The Sardonic Sideshow, for more helpful tips.

    3 Comments When Comedians Attack

    1. Abby Taylor

      Wahhhhhhhhh I bought that book!! Wahhhhhhhhh… hey wait, could I perhaps join that lawsuit and become rich beyond my wildest dreams? The book didn’t work for me, either. Of course, I only got through the first chapter. I assumed all the good stuff was later on.

    2. kyknoord

      In the ongoing battle between hype and common sense, hype has yet to lose a round. The closely-guarded ‘secret’ to weight-loss – i.e. eat less and exercise more – doesn’t sit too well with the majority of solution seekers. Most of them are after something more like “The definitive guide to achieving that perfect figure while maintaining your lardass lifestyle”.

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