Mess in Texas

Ways to know your popularity ratings are really, really low:

  • Check out any newspaper or news broadcast for the polls. (hint, hint).
  • Time Magazine and Newsweek articles about your presidency are sited on
  • The curators at the Herbert Hoover National Library and Museum are offended by the comparison to you.
  • When a picture of you writing a note about needing to go to the bathroom is plastered all over the world, your political capital is ALSO running a deficit.
  • You call for a National Day of Prayer for Katrina victims and end up being the only one your base prays for by name.
  • A more personable and respected former US President, holds a meeting to counter-act all your policy decisions/denials.
  • Dennis Miller considers becoming a liberal…again.
  • When people google ‘failure‘ and your bio is first, more of them laugh than write letters to complain.
  • And the top reason that you know that your approval ratings are dreadfully low….
  • Son of Florida Gov. Bush Arrested

    AUSTIN, Texas – The youngest son of Florida Gov.
    Jeb Bush was arrested early Friday and charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest, law enforcement officials said.

    That’s right, when in your home state, your drunken 21-year-old nephew gets ARRESTED, you KNOW your popularity is in the gutter. Maybe the local officials don’t like taking the blame for the federal screw ups, after all.

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