What a year!

I am tempted to do a year in review in installations. Then I thought it’s already taken me a year to review it. The clock is ticking…and about to leap by an entire second.

2005: The Year the Weather Blew and the Government Showed They Suck

  • In 2005, we saw a breach of the levees that NO ONE anticipated. Being critical of the once omnipotent power in the White House. Social Security indeed!

  • Two of my heroes died: Hunter S. Thompson and Richard Pryor. We were lucky to have had them.
  • It was disclosed this year that Armstrong Williams, other conservative columnists and much of the Iraq Press were paid for by the government. Your tax dollars at work trying to convince you that your tax dollars are at work.
  • George Bush left his vacation early to save one person, Terri Schaivo.
    But fiddled around when millions of people could have used an executive order.
  • Comedians Mitch Hedberg, Freddy Soto and Warren Thomas died while you can still see Carrot Top live in Vegas.
  • The Micheal Jackson Trial had more comedians on the line-up than an HBO special.
  • Indicted: The leader of the House Tom Delay and Chief of Staff Scooter Libby did what all politicians do – but they got caught.smugAw, the ‘criminalization of politics’.
  • brownie
    FEMA Director Michael Brown, a horse judge/crony did a ‘heck of a job’ with Hurricane Katrina. The death toll is currently 1,095. Making it the deadliest natural disaster in the US since the advent of the helicopter. NEVER FORGET! No joke here. I’m still pissed. Didn’t we give up our civil rights to be safer?!? Lying, incompetent bastards. Now you can’t say ‘Homeland Security’ without it sounding sarcastic.

    Michael Brown is now a consultant for disasters. His first piece of advice? DON’T HAVE MICHEAL BROWN IN CHARGE OF A DISASTER!

  • The Pope died and then there was a new pope that made the old pope a saint.
  • oilpat
  • Intelligent Design, birth control refusals, pro-death penalty, anti-gays-existing, Ten Commandment displays, Justice Sundays, rapture insurance, calls to bomb Mecca and/or San Francisco, bitchy letter writing campaigns – and we thought the liberals could be annoying!

  • Judith Miller, Martha Stewart and Jeb Bush’s son were in jail.

    Son of Florida Gov. Bush Arrested

    AUSTIN, Texas – The youngest son of Florida Gov.
    Jeb Bush was arrested early Friday and charged with public intoxication and resisting arrest, law enforcement officials said.


  • In 2005 Bush ‘explained’ his policy in Iraq over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…just in case we didn’t understand the 20th time around, he then explained it again. Actually if you don’t agree with his policy in Iraq – his new strategy is to win you over with repetition. It’s kind of like water torture, if only the administration was into that kind of thing.
  • Most exciting news of 2005: We found out who was Deep Throat and saw pictures of a giant squid alive.

    Why is this so exciting?

    Because BOTH were rumored to be Pat Buchanan.

  • The administration’s buying news, outing a CIA agent and wiretaps are found to be illegal. Bush made his staff take an ethics refresher course.
  • There was a war declared on porn, science, terrorism, culture and Christmas. In 2005 it was PEACE that was OUT.
  • Have a happy leap second and new year!

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    1. reverend gisher

      I would not want to forget it as I had some actual enjoyment happen, but 2006 can only improve from a geo-political standpoint. well ok, maybe not, but i can hope can’t i?

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