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Dear Tina, I get really nervous when I’m at parties. I always think people are talking about me behind my back. What do I do? Sincerely, Paranoid in Portland

Well, Paranoid, unless you are Ashlee Simpson emailing me again (in which case you’re NOT paranoid and the people at parties ARE talking about you), you are over-reacting. Everyone feels nervous at parties. That’s why they have food and booze there.

Anyway, it’s a universal downfall of humans to assume that if they can’t hear something being said – it’s about them. Take for instance if you were on a train and there were two people talking in Albanian, or some other language that you aren’t familiar with. You would automatically think that you were their subject. Ridiculous! Ask any reality show contestant – it takes a lot of hard work to actually get people talking about you. Ask anyone with a pink mohawk what commitment it is to be a spectacle. Ask anyone without talent that is famous – it takes tons of effort to get the buzz out.

The truth is Paranoid, just make sure you fly isn’t down again. Trust that you’re quite boring and the Albanians are talking about the weather.


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