Weapons of Mass Deception

Saddam is caught. The world is saved from terror. Yippee. If you really love someone – buy them a Lexus this Xmas.

Now it’s time for WHAM! Winning the Hearts And Minds of Iraqis. I like how we sell foreign countries what we call ‘propaganda’ but our news is fair and balanced. (come on Fox – SUE ME)

Mr. Bush – you can win my mind by answering some questions:

Why did we invade Iraq? Because they have WMD? Okay, why not North Korea? Because they have WMD. What was the Cold War all about? WMD. WE DONT INVADE COUNTRIES THAT ARE ARMED!!! We have stand offs that last decades!!! The US invades countries that have NO CHOICE but to engage in gorilla warfare.

No, really – why did we preemptively invade Iraq? Because theyre terrorists? Terrorism is the new communism. Im waiting for the black list. No, really I am. I’ll name names. I think Ben Affleck is a terrorist. What senator can I talk to about him no longer working?

So how long are we going to occupy (I dont care what word you use – its an occupation) Iraq? Now, Saddam was no Nazi (Nazis actually HAD WMD and were willing to use them), but after Hitler died, the war was over. The Allies had to occupy Germany for HOW MANY YEARS!?! We’re STILL there! I heard that we’ll pull out by June. What June of 2053?!?

Bush you ‘WHAM’ed yourself. You had every opportunity possible to be a GREAT president. But because of your personal GREED you sold the country to the highest bidder. KBR – aka Halliburton!

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