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Thompson Ashes to Be Shot From Cannon

DENVER – Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes will be blasted from a cannon mounted inside a 53-foot-high sculpture of the journalist’s “gonzo fist” emblem, his wife said Tuesday. (full story)

You have to admire a man whose premise for his funeral makes you laugh.

Let’s face it – if it wasn’t for the eccentrics, the artists and the irreverent – this planet would suck. All of television would be like 7th Heaven and our literature would read like a DMV manual. This ‘culture war’ should be called The War on Culture.

Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner III (R-Wis.) (story) wants to have JAIL TIME for people who violate indecency regulations. Jail time? Get your knitted poncho out Howard Stern – they want to lock you up for dick jokes. What?!? Our ‘dick joke’ martyr was the late Lenny Bruce. He was arrested for words he used on stage 40 years ago. And even he got a posthumous pardon from Gov. Pataki (story) last year.

Congressman Sensenbrenner if you really want to go old school how about we go find us some witches and hang ’em! I don’t want anyone in the House of Representatives to think,”You know that Senator McCarthy really had a good thing going there.” The Red Scare was really scary – but at least it was specific! Every time I turn around I have less rights for what they call freedom. And more things are heading to the chopping block.

“Oh but indecency is about sex. We don’t want that.”

If indecency is talking about your genitalia and decency is pre-emptively invading a country on false pretences (not to mention spending over $150 billion to ‘liberate’ 23 million people). Indecency is looking better all the time.

THERE WAS NEVER A TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY WHEN WE WEREN’T A BUNCH OF PERVERTS! Archaeologists in Germany found a 7,200 year old statue of people ‘doing it’ (story). The golden prudish Victorian era had more prostitutes in their presence than they had intricate molding in their homes. If we want to see ourselves as sexless war machines – I’m open to ANYONE that challenges that.

My point is: people that push the envelope – that challenge the way we see ourselves – that innovate thought – that makes us laugh – are the only NATURAL RESOURCES we’re going to have in a couple of years. We should
exploit them instead of threatening them with consequences that have so far been unfit for Enron execs.

So thank you, Hunter S. Thompson for making this world less dull.

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