We Are Family…

Jews, Christians and Muslims have been fighting in the Holy Land for millennia.

Now they have UNITED. And it’s all thanks to queers.

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Putting aside doctrinal differences, Christian, Jewish and Muslim religious leaders united on Wednesday for a frontal assault on a gay festival planned for Jerusalem. (story)

Jerusalem World Pride 2005 event planned for august has brought together the three warring faiths and given them (thank God, G-d and Allah) a reason to stopping hating each other and start hating ‘girl on girl action’.

“This is not a homo-land. This is the Holy Land,” said Yehuda Levin, who represents more than 1,000 Orthodox rabbis leaders in the United States.


Muslim Sheikh Bouchari voiced concern that the festival could draw down divine wrath akin to that which destroyed the biblical city of Sodom.

“No one can be sure it will go on in a peaceful way.” Vatican Ambassador Archbishop Pietro Sambi told reporters. (full story)
This is like the Berlin Wall coming down. It’s like the implication of the Euro. It’s like…hard to think of another example of peace because in human history, there hasn’t been too many.

Peace in the middle east – unless you’re a guy that likes to have sex with men even when women are available!

I would like to give my thanks and gratitude to all the homos that are planning on going to the Jerusalem World Pride 2005 event. You are the TRUE heroines of this story. You have done in a couple months of planning what thousands of years of fighting hasn’t accomplished. Education, diplomatic relations and treaties haven’t helped. But you brave gays and lesbians have made the impossible – possible.

You are the new human sacrifice – which is SO old school!

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