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Posted on Mon, Jul. 11, 2005
Dennis not as dangerous as past Panhandle storms

Back in the Panhandle, Craig Fugate, the state’s emergency management director, exhorted his staff to respond quickly and rapidly.

And he said search and rescue teams, also well experienced by now, had an effective way of deciding how much time to spend in one area before moving to another. He called it the ”Waffle House” test.

”If the Waffle House is still serving,” he said, “go to the next county.”

If the Waffle House is still serving – all ain’t that bad in the south.

It’s important to have gages these days – what with earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and terrorist attacks.

In Los Angeles, if the local crack dealer is open for business – all is right. It was when he was selling American flags, like right after 9/11 that I knew something BIG and AWFUL has just occurred.

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  1. JR Damien

    Of course, if all Waffle Houses instantaneously ceased to be, that would be an uniquivocal sign of things being really, really, all right. Not that I don’t like a good waffle…

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