Voting and Whittier’s Toilet

It’s Sat night. LA’s version of the ‘bridge and tunnel’ crowd infects my neighborhood every weekend. Folks with area codes like 562, 818 or 909 flock to my corner of the world to sit in traffic and see whose stereo can bump the hardest. They sit in their Explorers on Hollywood Blvd, playing that Madonna song “Hollywood” – thinking “Oh the irony!” It makes me want to go to their homes in places like Pacoima or Whittier and pee on their sidewalks and have 100 of my friends cruise in a circle around their houses.

I am voting in Oct. I always vote. I vote because I like to complain. Because people that complain and dont vote irk me. “My one vote doesnt matter.” Well my meager 30% in taxes doesnt matter either – but it means Im contrubuting. The alternative is being a whiny parasite. Also when I vote that means that I am not a felon or under 18 and there arent enough times in life where you can celebrate that with a 15-minute errand.

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