Trust Us: A US Wiretapping Exclusive

bush And the activities conducted under this authorization have helped detect and prevent possible terrorist attacks in the United States and abroad.

When total incompetency meets absolute power…

The search for Al Qaeda.

spy Mission accomplished. After years of dedication we have finally infiltrated the cell.

bush You’ve found I-keeda?

spy Very close.


bush The headquarters of Ikea…I-keeda. Tomato – tomoto – Iraq – Iran – whatever. Heck of a job! You’re getting a medal. Heck of a job!

spy Under your specific orders, we have uncovered hundreds of ties to Ikea, sir.

bush We’re making America safer.

spy We have Ikea’s number three man in custody.

bush We do not torture.

spy LOL! You’re a riot Mr. President.

bush I’m the commander-in-chief.

spy Evil men with no conscience, Mr. President. Look what our intelligence has uncovered!


spy We must decipher their plans. Get me a translator!!!

bush Give this man a nomination!

5 Comments Trust Us: A US Wiretapping Exclusive

  1. Michele Omiccioli

    How the Bush’s campaign against terror is going?

    I would start with two photos
    the first by Cnn, recorded live in 9-11-01 where we see a definite white explosion on WTC 7 never detected by anyone, journalists either
    and the Pentagon hit by a missile and then by a sort of private-jet (a splendid pic of a small jetprivate engine lying on the burned grass, in place of a greeat 767 fans wrecks …)
    it’s not so funny, I know. But the aim is always the same. To open minds.

    Michele Omiccioli, Urbino, Italy.

    PS: I don’t believe the entire so called ‘cospiracy theory’… but that 2 pics are stunning

  2. Homo Insapiens

    Unfortunately it has been necessary to ‘water-board’ the check-out clerk to get the complete assembly instructions for the entertainment centre cabinet.


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