To Right Wing Bloggers…

It’s time to stop. You’ve won. It’s time to delete your blogs and go and bask in the sunshine. Enjoy your success. Take a vacation. Remove Blogger from your bookmarks and relax.

See, years ago we had a democratic president. After him we had some democratic representatives. When you ripped on ‘Liberals’ and ‘Femi-nazis’ and talked about the gay agenda it was because you HAD something to talk about. Now there is a Republican MAJORITY in the House. A Republican MAJORITY in the Senate. And last time I checked a couple of members of the GOP in the Oval Office. So when you complain about minority filibusters – you are essentially denouncing a two party system. When you complain about the Democrats, now you’re just picking on the loser.

everyday, 2005
I’m the Voice of the Right Wing
Those liberals don’t have any power in the government and look how stupid they are! LOL! Ann Coulter is HOT! 🙂

Okay already. You guys are DONE!

You are like a boxer that after a knock out kicks their opponent – just because they feel like it.

You are like smug Carpet Baggers after the Civil War.

You are the San Francisco 49ers in the 90’s – are you people TIRED of winning all the time?

Right Wing Bloggers here’s what you need to realize – you’re in a saturated market. See there’s Fox News, that’s a 24-hour infomercial for the GOP. What are you going to do ‘ditto’ their witch hunts? What are YOU guys going to do to Dan Rather and Ward Churchill that they haven’t done to them already? What are you going to do – talk about how Hollywood is ‘out of touch’ with American ‘values’? Are you going to slander the AARP? Boycott Sponge Bob? Talk about how well the war in Iraq is going? Hello – your topics are already threadbare by the time you get to them!

If you are a Right Wing Blogger and you are NOT getting money from the Bush Administration for your views, you should really consider how you spend your time. You could be keeping a flower journal. You could blog about your cat. There are MANY hobbies one can acquire on the internet these days. If you hurry, you can still look at porn – for example.

I just want to help you not waste your time.

Thanks, and God bless America.

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