To Karl…

Dear Karl Rove,

I watched the documentary Bush’s Brain last night. The film was about how your underhandedness, while not being completely illegal has ruined lives on behalf of your clients. People seem to think that you will use any means necessary to win an election.

Brilliant plays like:
-Planting a bug in your office and blaming it on the other side.
-A whisper campaign that lead people to believe that McCain has a black love child.
-FBI subpoenas that fuel suspicion of your opponents.

I know you have been getting some bad press recently. The liberals quickly dismiss your genius as ‘evil’ just because of the shattered lives you have left in your path. They’re such wimps.

Any who, as I was watching the first hand accounts of your carnage the thought occurred to me – YOU SHOULD BE MY AGENT!!! If ever feel that as a sociopath you no longer have a place in Washington, please consider representing me in my relentless climb to the top.

Enclosed are my headshot and resume. You will find that my skills include several American and foreign accents, horseback riding and martial arts. I look forward to hearing from you.

Very truly yours,
Tina Dupuy

6 Comments To Karl…

  1. Mark Alread

    Tina for the love of all that is holy and right walk away from the darkside!!!! Just look what it did to GWB. He used to be a good public speaker before he sold his soul. Imagine the bad material “An evil-doer walks into a bar and says ‘hey I hate freedom and hope!'”

  2. Becks

    Genius- comedic genius.

    Needed the laugh and at Rove’s expenses- that makes my week!

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