To Do List:

-Get first three chapters of book polished for book proposal.

-Write Comedy Central and tell them that Dennis Leary’s comedy may hurt someone’s feelings.

-Stalk new manager.

-Re-new insurance.

-Wash car.

-Write article for newspaper and check spelling this time.

-Call grandmother.

-Go to post office.

-Write new bit about the death penalty (note: don’t tell it in Texas)

-Walk and feed dog and give needed belly rub.

-Plan December work, send headshots.

-Eat an entire meal sitting down.

-Get phone line fixed.

-Get cell phone fixed.

-Have meeting with director and don’t make fun of his accent.

-Do a set in NoHo.

-Cancel set in Riverside.

-Book Jan. gigs. and send headshots.

-Clean office/living room/bedroom/kitchen.

-Wash hair.

-Update blog.

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