There was nothing Pryor

Richard Pryor died today.

He is in every single comic’s Top 5 of All Time Comedian.

I’m no exception.

He’s going to crack God’s ass up!

Glad you can rest now, Richard.

Thank you for what you gave to the world.

8 Comments There was nothing Pryor

  1. Chris Brown

    Yes, Tina, Richard will truly crack God’s ass up (and the devil’s too!) And it is good that he is ar peace. My only regret is that I never got to walk with him in a prison saying “That’s right, we bad …”

    R. Chris Brown (comedy name “Reverend Chris”)
    Check out my comedy website! / http://WWW.REVCHRISCOMEDY.COM
    Phone 800-392-3168 / Feel free to call anytime – it’s on me!

  2. michele omiccioli

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  3. michele omiccioli

    ehi… im just reading around right now… you make me wish to study english at school much better…. (damn’ school

  4. Liberal Vet

    I’ma gonna go to da church right a now. As soon as I visit the backahous. I’ma gonna say a specila a prayer for richard pryor, the bhasphemor, he’s a gonna go straita to hell! He za gonna have a da fun, ara derra 72 virgins witha darka eyes awaitin for him? I read he a had alot of children outta a da wedalock. Isa that trua? B.A. Zelbub

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