There was nothing Pryor

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Richard Pryor died today.

He is in every single comic’s Top 5 of All Time Comedian.

I’m no exception.

He’s going to crack God’s ass up!

Glad you can rest now, Richard.

Thank you for what you gave to the world.

8 Responses to "There was nothing Pryor"
  1. Chris Brown says:

    Yes, Tina, Richard will truly crack God’s ass up (and the devil’s too!) And it is good that he is ar peace. My only regret is that I never got to walk with him in a prison saying “That’s right, we bad …”

    R. Chris Brown (comedy name “Reverend Chris”)
    Check out my comedy website! / http://WWW.REVCHRISCOMEDY.COM
    Phone 800-392-3168 / Feel free to call anytime – it’s on me!

  2. Agents are wonderful things.

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  4. michele omiccioli says:

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  5. cool stuff tina, i usually hate plugs, but the stuff is not bad. did you see it? oh why do you only have one eye in the photo on right?

  6. Liberal Vet says:

    I’ma gonna go to da church right a now. As soon as I visit the backahous. I’ma gonna say a specila a prayer for richard pryor, the bhasphemor, he’s a gonna go straita to hell! He za gonna have a da fun, ara derra 72 virgins witha darka eyes awaitin for him? I read he a had alot of children outta a da wedalock. Isa that trua? B.A. Zelbub

  7. i paid all these people to show up and comment so my comments would look fairly normal.

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