The Year in Review 2003

Is it possible to have a happy new year with out reviewing the last one first? I don’t think so.

2003 was the 500th birthday of alleged prophet Nostradamus. Leave it to a French man to spend half a millennia saying,”I told you so,” every time a war breaks out.

It was also the 40th anniversary of the shooting of JFK. Some conspiracy theorists claim that a big oil man from Texas who stole an election to rise to power was responsible for the murder (i.e. Lyndon Johnson). I say it’s apropos for the Democrats to assassinate their own (i.e. the 2004 Democratic nomination race). So the theorists might be onto something.

Mr. Rogers died and the grave of Dr. Suess was trampled and spit upon by Mike Myers.

Strom Thurmond’s illegitimate half black daughter came out at a press conference, making all of us that love public figure hypocrisy – very happy!

SARS, Monkey Pox, the flu and Mad Cow claimed more headlines than ever before. Bringing home the motto: If it sneezed – it leads.

As for me personally; 2003 was the year I started my web log. So far I have a solid fan base of 3 people (well, one if you don’t count those related to me). And I look forward to doubling that number in the new year.

Happy New Year!!!

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