The Walrus AND the Carpenter


DeLay Indicted in Texas Fundraising Probe
WASHINGTON – House Majority Leader
Tom DeLay was indicted by a Texas grand jury Wednesday on a charge of conspiring to violate political fundraising laws, forcing him to temporarily step aside from his GOP post. He is the highest-ranking member of Congress to face criminal prosecution.

Tom Delay, ‘The Hammer’ – too legit!

Delay likes to say that he’s a victim of a partisan witch hunt. In reality, he’s the pick in a large scale scavenger hunt. ‘Crooked Texans with Ethical Violations’ is second on the list after ‘Horse Fondling Incompetent Crony’. Next on the list is ‘Insider Trading Faux Doctor Leader’ (ahem Frist).

Then the list gets HARDER: a hybrid that gets BETTER gas mileage than the Civic and a long term celebrity marriage.

On the subject of rare findings:

Scientists in Japan caught pictures of a LIVE GIANT SQUID for the first time EVER!

I never thought I would be able to find out who Deep Throat was AND see a photo of a live giant squid in the span of a year! It’s an exciting time to be a geek, people!


6 Comments The Walrus AND the Carpenter

  1. dave

    By including the giant squid with Tom DeLay, you risk offending mollusks everywhere. Maybe even invertebrates in general. Are you prepared for the hellbroth of an invertebrate jihad coming down on your ass?

  2. dave

    Also, I think “Horse-fondling Imcompetent Crony” should be hyphenated. Although it would be something to see a horse fondle an incompetent crony.

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