The Ten Commandments, Larry Flynt and the 3rd Horseman

I just got back from Baton Rouge for a weekend gig. If youve found my blog through there – youre only welcome if you didnt wear a cowboy hat – at night – inside a comedy club! That’s right – if the sun isnt out and youre not wrestling your dinner – take the hat off. There it’s been said. (not to their face of course – because they scare me – but DEFINITELY behind their backs).

Here’s my take on that whole confederate flag controversy: ‘Ya’ll LOST!! That’s right. If you find yourself being offended by the symbol because it’s the ‘American swastika’ – it’s not American – that analogy is false. It’s OLD SCHOOL anti-American. It’s anti of every thing America stands for – first off the ‘united’ in the United States. If the South would have won the US would be like Eastern Europe – and well we’d have a German Flag to fly right about now. So let them be disenfranchised Dean – theyre too retarded to know theyre flying a symbol of historic LOSERS.

Speaking of southern fried retards: Dont get all huffy about taking down the Ten Commandments and be anti-Semitic. I’ll clue you all in THEYRE JEWISH. You can’t even be on the fence about the Jews and preach the Ten Commandments – YOU GOT THEM FROM THEM!!!

Now lets talk about Jessica Lynch. A story out today says that Larry Flynt (pornographer and one of many that ran for governor of California) bought naked pictures of Lynch. He said he bought them not to publish them but to keep them out of publication. In a press release he stated, “Jessica Lynch is being used as a pawn by the media and by the government to create a hero who can sell this war to the American people.” It’s a dark day when a pornography makes more sense than the pentagon. That and Mr. Flynt has learned the first rule of road comedy – if no one is listening – go blue (ie dick jokes) and then they’ll listen.

But wait – Larry Porno King Flynt is treating Jessica Lynch with more respect as a woman than her biographer??!!?? This is the 3rd Horseman! Her biographer went into sordid details about her alleged sexual assault and scored high points on the sensationalism scale and Larry Flynt is opposed to exploiting her?!? Im waiting for the frogs to start raining from the sky. (I love mixed biblical references.)

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