Strange Times.

Today’s post: some things I found on what we used to call The Information Super Highway and now I just refer to as Intellectual Quicksand (whatever you do – don’t struggle).

A DeLay’d Re-action.
The infamous smug shot of Tom DeLay. When the Harris County Jail photographer takes your picture, it shouldn’t look like an ad for Colgate Whitening Toothpaste. No matter how many times you’ve been indicted and not convicted.

Other news:

“The Criminalization of Politics” the new sound byte for the troubled GOP.

It’s the “Weapons of mass destruction” for Fall 2005.

Okay, when leaders screw up it’s ‘politicizing’ to point it out. Like during Katrina when there were people STILL stuck on their roof tops and in the Super Dome and Mike Brown needed more than 20-minutes to eat his meals. Don’t politcize FEMA, a national tragedy.

When leaders are making slim to mediocre arguments for war for example , it’s again ‘politicizing‘. My question is: How does one not politicize war? It’s like watering the ocean.

Now it’s ‘Criminalization of Politics’. Which hidden in that sound byte, means that the outing of Valerie Plame was a casualty of the business of politics. Friendly fire. It’s equating it to an innocuous little mud slinging. Oh, boys will be boys!

We don’t BREAK laws because we MAKE laws. You can’t criminalize crime – because that would make us criminals. If you legalize the law – then it won’t be illegal.

You can just FEEL George Orwell and Hunter S. Thompson’s irritation from their graves.

And in the other strange, yet amusing story I found today:

Finally twins creepier than the Olsens.

These two from the group “Prussian Blue” are the Double Mint Gum of the White Nationalist Movement.

In an effort of full disclosure: I fully see the irony of hating hate groups, but I don’t care – I hate Nazis.

Clips of their ‘music’ are available here.

And uhm, apparently these 13-year-olds can’t yet pronounce their ‘R’s.

Which makes them wacists.

4 Comments Strange Times.

  1. Derek

    It wouldn’t be so bad if the song wasn’t so awful. It is so funny because they don’t have a lick of musical talent. I think they are going to scare away more people than attract them. If that is the best that the white power movement has then us black people have nothing to worry about. Wouldn’t it be funny if they grew up married a black man and put out an R&B record. That would be too funny.

  2. Liberal Vet

    Bill Maher covered them on Real Time a couple of weeks ago. The lyrics to the songs they sing are frightening. They were suppose to perform at a local fair and were cancelled causing an uproar in the neo nazi community. They have a web page and practice racism openly without apology. I genuinely feel sorry for them. Good thing we have freedom of speech in this country or I would have them taken from their parents.

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