The Greatest Generation and Cadillacs

I grew up with hippie baby boomer parents and teachers. They all somehow convinced me that the “good old” days had passed. Their parents had apparently convinced them of the same thing. My grandparents generation with their “Greatest Generation” moniker. So everyone’s still stuck in this wonderful WWII mind set where the men where men and (theme song to All in the Family).

I’m no longer convinced. The reason I’m no longer convinced is because I have the world wide web. I can read five different newspapers from all over the world in minutes. More importantly I can have some random stranger log on to my website and sign my guestbook and say that he would love to see a picture of me peeing on a Cadillac. Yeah, that’s what happened today (and NO I didn’t post it). THAT’S PROGRESS. This is a golden era (I didn’t intend on that pun). My parents can mumble that they changed the world and my grandparents can claim they saved it. We can all watch their old movies and make fun of their clothes. But I can have hundreds of anonymous messages from perverts from around the world. TOP THAT Greatest Generation!

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