The Ghost of Strom Thurmond


When I think of the word ‘filibuster’, I think of Senator Strom Thurmond. I think of his going into a sauna in order to dehydrate himself so he wouldn’t have to pee as much during his record setting over 24 hour long filibuster protesting civil rights. He had an aide, of course with a bucket near by just in case. I equate this to the small in stature (and only small in that) Senator Barbara Boxer (CA) that has an aide with her ‘Boxer Box’ that she uses to stand on so she can see over the podium while speaking on the floor. Working in government isn’t always the glamour of randy interns and CNN interviews. No, some poor sap had the job to hold Strom Thurmond’s urine and it wasn’t always Strom Thurmond.

Anyway, racial segregation was the gay marriage of its day. ‘Separate but equal’ was to people of color what ‘God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve’ is to gays. And Senator Thurmond, from South Carolina was the Fred Phelps of his day. Fred Phelps, whose name kind of sounds like a gay sex act, is best known for his site (I think we all what Strom’s domain would be titled). These two are kindred spirits. Just two dudes, with hateful outrageous views – out there to mortify moderate and reasonable folks.

But I digress:

(CNN) — Conservative Christian leaders used a nationally televised rally Sunday night to urge an end to Democratic filibusters against several of President Bush’s nominees for federal judgeships.

Now the word ‘filibuster’ has been put in back of the word ‘Democratic’ coupled with ‘judges’ and now it’s the new Sponge Bob to James Dobson and his flock of martyrs. This would really ‘piss’ off Strom. He was a Democrat like most Southerners were Democrats because it was the OPPOSITE of the party of Lincoln. They were called ‘Dixiecrats’. It was Lyndon Johnson’s approval of Civil Rights legislation that made Strom and the majority of the now southern red states Republican. Then the Republican Party was considered racists and sexist until the 2004 GOP convention looked like a United Colors of Benetton Ad. This would REALLY piss off Strom. Now Republicans let it be known that they have a HUGE tent if you love political power and Jesus.

So, a bunch of conservative Christians are finally giving the collective finger to Strom Thurmond’s legacy. Too late for you, Trent Lott. They’ve replaced racism with gay bashing and want to ax the filibuster. For Strom, besides his being the oldest and longest serving Senator in history; a segregationist with an illegitimate black daughter – the filibuster made him famous.

They say, “We spit on your legacy Strom. Because we are currently so drunk on our own power that we think we will never need to use a filibuster for a too liberal judge again.”

I say we continue to spit on Strom Thurmond’s legacy. It’s a good thing. However, the checks and balances that we used to have before we had ‘one party under God’ and the other party weaken beyond recognition, needs to stay intact. Really. The slower and more thoughtful our government is – the less likely we are to let hysterics become law (ala Terri Schiavo).

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  1. Abby Taylor

    Good post. The only thing is that Republicans aren’t looking to get rid of the filibuster for legislative issues. Just for judicial nominees. How handy. I’d actually be all for it if they’d do it across the board, but to pick and choose? Nuh-uhnn.

  2. Tina D.

    Yeah, I know. It started as a funny post and then I got jealous that I’m not drunk on my own power. I lost my point somewhere in there.

    Spay all your animals, is what I was trying to get across.

  3. Abby Taylor

    I have spayed all my animals. I’ve also spayed all my son’s stuffed animals. Oh sure, it was a little traumatic for him at first, but when he’s a responsible adult he’ll thank me.

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