Kennedy, Clinton and Dean

One of the MANY theories about the assassination of JFK was that it was Lyndon Johnson (his VP) that orchestrated the whole thing. President Kennedy was shot in Texas, where Johnson was from. Texas is where Johnson had fixed a couple of elections to get himself into power in the first place. Since Johnson retired from the White House without seeking re-election, there has been speculation as to why that was. Was it his conscience (as IF politicians have them) that caught up with him? He had a therapist that recorded their sessions toward the end of Johnson’s life. Again, all kinds of speculation about what’s on those tapes.

This is my favorite of all JFK conspiracies. There are so many to choose from (i.e. the mob, Cuba, scorned lover etc.). Why this is my favorite? Because I know that Democrats LOVE to assassinate their own!

Case in point: Bill Clinton. One little impeachment trial and he’s a leper. Al Gore ran for president completely separate from Intern-gate. They didn’t want anything to do with that smudge. Aside from all the scandal (and some BECAUSE of it) – people like Clinton. But Gore in 2000 chose not to align himself with a two term president. He divorced himself from Clinton’s legacy and guess how that turned out?

Another case in point: Howard Dean. He says something derogatory about Republicans…

Dean “doesn’t speak for me with that kind of rhetoric and I don’t think he speaks for the majority of Democrats,” Biden, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

…back and to the left. Back and to the left. BACK and to the left…

John Edwards and Joseph Biden say that Dean isn’t the voice of the party – and doesn’t speak for them! He’s the DNC Chairman! If Dean ISN’T the voice of the party – it’s because the party HAS NO VOICE. The party has been on the run from the Republican publicity machine. Beaten to a pulp. Unrecognizable as a voice, movement or a party. Then strangely like other minority groups, they start fighting amongst themselves.

Republicans don’t do this. If a Republican gets in trouble, the wagons get circled and let the spinning begin! Then every talking point for the next week begins with,”See, what the president meant to say was…”

The Republicans have figured out that it’s NEVER the leaders that do anything wrong. No. If there is a MISTAKE (God forbid) it’s the fault of low ranking military personnel.

But Democrats don’t want to take the wrong stance and end up not standing for ANYTHING. At least Dean makes off-the-cuff comments about Republicans – which is SOMETHING!

We’ve all met that person that AGREES with us all the time.

donkey “You like our foreign policy? Well so do I!”

tina“How about our old foreign policy?”

donkey “That’s great too.”

tina “It is?”

donkey “Yeah…That’s what you think right? Just don’t want you to think I disagree with you. Please vote for me. I promise to make no one happy in my attempt to never piss off anyone.”

tina *SIGH* “Does this mean we can have more than one political party?”

donkey “If you say so, it does!”

tina “I guess I say so….”

6 Comments Kennedy, Clinton and Dean

  1. Daniel

    That’s why the quotes of the day went to Edwards and Biden on my blog. It is sad too but yea, I do know Republicans that started out dirt poor.

  2. Abby Taylor

    I completely agree with you… Democrats are dying on the vine. Democrats need their own Fox News and talk radio movement to shape their agenda just like it’s shaped the Republican agenda over the past four+ years.

  3. indeterminacy

    You hit the rubber nail right on the head. That’s what I’ve been missing from the D’s these last two years. They will not stand on any moral principle. They’re afraid to. While most of us in disagreement with Bush are disagreeing on moral priciple. If we’re going to lose, then let it be because our ideals haven’t stood the test, not because we hid our ideals. There’s honor and respect in that kind of a defeat.

  4. Mark Alread

    My favorite phrase to describe the DFW area I currently reside in is: Three gun shots, one dead president, and no one saw a damn thing. Welcome to Dallas.

    But there is also:
    Three fixed election cycles (’00,’02,’04), one idiot president, and no one is able to capiyalize on a damn thing. Welcome to the Democratic party.

  5. pete

    Jeezuz, who cares abou democrats? I jumped off that sinking boat years ago. Come to the new party, the “invite Canada to take over” party. Admit it, you would love to see the president in Parliment everyday defending his actions… admit it… you would….

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