I can’t stop reading, watching or listening about the aftermath of the hurricane. I still don’t know if my friends in New Orleans are alive or not. The rubble formally known as Mississippi is awful.

It’s now estimated that Katrina will cost insurers $9 billion and $16 billion. The cost of the federal effort has yet to be estimated. I’m sure it’s also in the billions.

Hey – sounds like Halliburton will be getting another no-bid contract!

I know, it sounds cynical in the wake of such human suffering. But Halliburton getting even more government hand outs – that’s The Big Easy.

My government has spent $200 billion (so far) to give ‘freedom’ to 27 million people in Iraq. Good thing there’s no poverty or infrastructure issues on the home front – because otherwise – that would look REALLY bad.

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  1. ticklebug

    If I believed that there was a God, I would tell you that you’re in my prayers. But being that I’m an agnostic, let’s just say that you’re in my thoughts and I hope that you’re friends are okay and that you hear from them soon.

    I love your last line of sarcasm. You totally crack me up!

  2. Tina D.

    Thanks Ticklebug…

    There are two kinds of people that stayed in New Orleans for Katrina – the DIRT poor – that had no choice. And the irrevernt die hard partiers that didnt care. My friends are in the last category…fuckers

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