Terror Threat

And here’s why you won’t find strippers with large bon mots….

Funny women are a turn-off

Men are intimidated, research says

New research has found truth in the old stereotype that most men find funny women a turn-off.

Scientists say women who tell jokes are seen as a threat, undermining men’s idea that they should hold the dominant role.

Hundreds of men and women in their twenties were questioned by academics. Most said they found a sense of humour to be attractive in women – but when asked if they would want to be with a woman who cracked jokes herself, more than half said no.

Like mother always said: Boys don’t make passes at girls that are smart-asses…

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  1. Abby Taylor

    It’s a delicate balance. You apparently have to have an appreciation for men’s humor without having ideas of your own.

    I’m gonna work on this next week, as I’m almost already out of ideas.

  2. Don Swift

    Hmmm… I find that amazing. Who wants to spend time with a humourless woman? I love personalilty-packed, witty, funny women. Is there a bigger turn on? Never mind the tits, let’s be tickled-pink.

  3. Kato

    Pshh, whatever, funny women rock.

    When I’m old and gray and I’m sitting on a porch with my (hopefully) significant other, and our looks have gone to hell, I want to be able to share the laughs.

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