Tacoma, WA

First off: Washington State is beautiful.

Yesterday I went to the store and I bought to things I really needed to get me through this trip. I bought a book I have been wanting to read for a long time on CD. A book that I almost bought in print – but decided not to because I’m broke. Then I saw it in the store on CD and happily purchased it. I also got a car charger for my cell phone. The long drive has lead to long conversations – ironically complaining about the long drive.

Anyway, BOTH items I purchased are defective. Actually, worse than that – neither of them work at all. Oh the ecstasy when I realized I had EVEN MORE things to complain about. It feels me with pure joy.

Speaking of bitching: I post from the road, in case you just found this site. There is a strange balance about posting non-anonymously while you are working in a profession as small as comedy. I can’t say anything bad about the clubs I work in or the bookers I work for. My career isn’t big enough to sabotage it…yet…I’ll work on that. I can’t post anything negative. HOWEVER, I can email you all about it – if you’re interested. That’s still good.

I have a show in a couple of hours. How many hours? I need a shower.

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  1. Vector

    Your cell phone still got the juice to make all that extra complaining?

    Oh, and you can email me! You must have a pretty good stories of your ‘adventures’ 😛

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