Supersized Hillbilly Chicken McNuggets

McDonald’s SECOND CEO in a year is dead!
Charlie Bell
, former chief executive and avid consumer of McDonald’s food, died of cancer at the age of 44 yesterday. In a loving tribute to the deceased and his family, the restaurant plans to deny that their food has any ill effects on health.

Jerry Springer to host a call in radio talk show in hopes to be back in the political arena.

“The new show is “a great opportunity to offer other voices, which now are not heard very much in the political dialogue of America,” Springer said.

Voices chanting,”Hillbilly fight! Hillbilly fight!”

Here’s my ‘Final Thought’: The Democratic Party lost seats in congress and the senate – not to mention the presidency – back in November. In short, they’ve suffered enough. Jerry if you want to help the Democrats – say youre a Republican.

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