Okay, there are somethings that are a little screwy STILL since I moved to wordpress. Seems I have dramatically lost readership. I have two theories:

1. Since my feeds are down and my url is on redirect – it’s all a matter of time until it gets straighten out.


2. I just suck.

If you find anything weird – send me an email. I’m learning all this new WP stuff as I go along.

Again, if you are an RSS junkie like myself, the blog will be syndicated again soon, after I get home.


I’ll be there this week Weds-Sun. If you’re around stop by.

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  1. indeterminacy

    I have so many blogs I like to read that I usually can only visit them sporadically. That’s why those e-mail update announcements were so helpful. But then they stopped coming. Although just now I got one. Maybe they’re working again. This is no laughing matter!

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