Stop Googling Yourself!

Once you get outed online as being an ex-member of an infamous religious cult, you start to develop a habit of putting your name into search engines.

This time I found out that there is a rare breed of dog named Braque Dupuy.

I proudly announced this new found fact to my boyfriend.

To which he quipped,”I bet it’s neurotic.”

To which I asked,”Are you calling me fat?!?”


Comics as a rule are insane. Yeah, they look cool up there cracking jokes. They ARE ALL INSANE.

Take for example, a meeting I recently had with a personal manager. This man has represented or does represent some of my favorite comedians.

Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

He said,”(Name deleted) is a brilliant comedian. No one would follow him at the Improv.”

What I heard was,”Tina, you suck.”

He said,”He is such a smart guy, went to (Ivy League School name deleted) you know?”

What I heard was,”Tina, you’re stupid and you suck.”

He said,”Even her BONES are funny.”

What I heard was,”Tina, your ‘funny bone’ is hacky. And you SUCK!”


I’m the kind of person that gets my feelings hurt when I don’t get spam for an hour.

Anyone? Just me?

I have no idea where this post is going.

4 Comments Stop Googling Yourself!

  1. OzzyC

    Wow! Yet another reason that I’m attracted to this site. My wife is a former member of the Worldwide Church of God. From what I see, they were a bona fide cult until around the mid-80’s, when the founder died, and they totally revamped their doctrine from the ground up.

  2. reverend gisher

    I used to want nothing more than to be in front of 80,000 screaming fans singing about my dysfunctional life. then a shrink got ahold of me and made me realize there just wasn’t enough love in my youth, so i was trying to fill the hole. I am still screwed up, but now i am at peace with my deficits. i do what “art” i do now for myself. I have never had the pleasure of seeing you live, but I did read that post in the times. You are a brilliant writer, brillant, i won’t insult you by pigeon-holing you with a comparison, but you do stand up there with a few folks,and you have balls, which is a rare find today. i wish there were more of you because i think the world would be better off. next time you encounter a clown like that guy, remember that other’s opinions of you do not have to become yours. unless it involves them giving you large amounts of cash.

  3. Tina D.

    Hey Ozzy! As you can see by my other readers – all freaks and spawn of freaks are more than welcome here.

    Rev. you should be my publicist. Thanks for the nice words.

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