Speak to me, Baby


I decided to watch the President’s speech today.

The Sardonic Sideshow’s W Drinking Game:

I made myself some virgin jell-o shots. Which is basically – jell-o. Not very inventive but either are drinking games by nature.


One shot per “terrorist” or “terror”. This time out – 33 shots

If I would have chosen “freedom”, it would have only been 20 shots.

Half and hour speech – that’s pretty much a shot a minute. Most of them consumed in the first 10 minutes of the speech.

Now you know why the shots don’t come with booze? Alcohol poisoning due to public figures’ repetition is a dangerous plague on our country. Not to mention the speeches come without health care. Getting your stomach pumped on a budget sucks.

Did Bush quote Osama and say this is the Third World War? I was in a diabetic coma by that time…

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  1. Abby Taylor

    I think he did read a letter from Osama. I thought it was real nice for Osama to write to him. It was probably one of those international signals to send the terror cells into action. “When President Bush reads my letter on national television, then go go go go go go!!” Doh!

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