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Just because you have a cell phone, unlimited long distance calling, text messaging, instant messaging and email does not mean that you have anything to say.

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  1. Daniel

    You need to add *name omitted* to that list. He’s not liked in this neck of the woods. He is a co-producer of my comedy show and he only showed up for one taping. How in the heck was he allowed to host the sports show here is beyond me.

  2. Tina D.

    Daniel, I didnt want dude to read that and make problems for you, so I took out his name. Remember, we only rip on people that we don’t know.

    It’s a tiny little industry and you don’t want that kind of stuff out there.

  3. jenjen in denver

    ps, just because you are trapped at the airport with about a million other people and having an anxiety attack like a million other people, does not mean you should sit next to me with your cell phone and leave the same inane whining message to everyone in your address book. love and kisses…

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