You know what’s funnier than the Scottish cloning – of all animals – a sheep?

The Koreans cloning a dog.

The joke is: The Scottish scientists wanted a new girlfriend and the Korean scientist wanted – a snack.

If you came here to some well written highbrow humor – I hope you are now throughly disappointed. They’ll be none of that today!

4 Comments *snicker*

  1. cooper

    damn you’re right there, a sophisticated chick like me can’t even be seen here.

    I can’t donate i’m too poor but I’ll link you up tomorrow when I am less lethargic.

  2. Tina D.

    Indie, my dog already hates me. Remember last time I was on the road she ran away to another family. They probably fed her everyday and didnt make her listen to their insecurities about their comedy career. Lucky bitch.

    Thanks for the link Coop.

  3. Vector

    Did you know a big secret about Dolly? They cloned it to be deaf so that all the men could start using normal pants and get rid of the skirt.

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