Shout at the Devil

Norwegians thought that Bush was endorsing Satan at his inauguation
by his hand sign.
Americans recognized it as a ‘shout out’ to Karl Rove.
“…we are guided by a power larger
than ourselves who creates us equal
in His image.

Officials announced that Michael K. Powell the chairman of the FCC has planned to resign in March of this year. All THREE (thanks to Powell) media conglomerates plan to cover the story in depth.

A man in Wisconsin wants to start another third party, The Responsible Party. The party’s platform is for term limits and a flat tax.
Campaigning on term limits? “I want to be your elected official – just not for that long.”

Flat tax? “Vote for me, I’ll make Bill Gates pay as much tax as a non-union janitor.”

I’ve written a slogan for them:
The Responsible Party – hey at least we’re not Larouche.

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