Shills and Thrills

“Cheerleaders all over America form pyramids,” Guy Womack said in reference to charges Specialist Charles Graner piled naked detainees on top of each other and photographed them.

Oh yes – one man’s abused detainee is another man’s cheerleader. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury – it’s semantics – an argument over language. And my client Charles Graner is not guilty – look at the picture of Lyndie England – is she pregnant and SMOKING?

“…syndicated columnist and T-V personality Armstrong Williams. Last week, officials acknowledged that Williams’ company was getting 240-thousand dollars to help promote Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” education overhaul plan.”

Here’s the problem with the Democrats, their ‘liberal media’ isnt properly bank rolled.

Shame on you Armstrong Williams for giving propagandists everywhere a bad name!

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