Sanctity in the Penitentiary

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The 76 year old death row inmate Clarence Ray Allen, was put to death early Tuesday by the state of California.


Having suffered a heart attack back in September, Allen had asked prison authorities to let him die if he went into cardiac arrest before his execution, a request prison officials said they would not honor.

“At no point are we not going to value the sanctity of life,” said prison spokesman Vernell Crittendon. “We would resuscitate him,” then execute him.

The intelligent design folks are right. We have not evolved…in fact we’re getting dumber everyday…

3 Responses to "Sanctity in the Penitentiary"
  1. Kato says:

    Not only that, our ability to Photoshop figures out of the backgrounds of pictures has clearly atrophed. They should execute whoever it is at Associate Press or the Dept. of Corrections that took a hacksaw to that man’s photo.

  2. Abby Taylor says:

    That’s bizarre. We sure wouldn’t want him to die on God’s timetable now, would we?

  3. hell no, why let a perfectly good subject die when you can kill him? what is wrong with you lady?

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