Run Rin Tin Tin

Only 38 percent of Americans approve of the way Bush is doing his job overall, a record-low for this president in the NEWSWEEK poll.


The thing about partisan politics is this: You could take a German Shepherd and put a neck tie on him – say he’s a Republican or a Democrat that’s strong on defense and a friend to the American family – and he would have at least a 30% approval rating.

But who knows, I heard German Shepherds are really good in a crisis. Very protective. Very loyal to those that feed him. Smart too. Really good instincts. What I am saying is – he probably wouldn’t have hired Mike Brown to run FEMA. Maybe Rin Tin Tin would be good for the job. God knows he’d have more personality than John Kerry.

“He has no balls.”
-Swift Vets for Truth

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  1. ticklebug

    “I’m sorry your German Sheperd cannot come with you. All dogs in New Orleans must die, by order of the national guard.”

    Sadly, that is the case.

    And all those displaced children? Why did they allow for that to even happen in the first place.

    This whole thing’s making me so sick.

  2. Blog Curry

    You’d think the Swift Vets would have been among the first into NOLA on their boats…

    Thanks for the laugh on these dark days. Keep up the good work.

  3. Tina D.

    Kopamees: thanks – it feels good not to be a lurker and leave a comment every so often, huh? Thanks for stopping by.

    As far as the NO dogs, I know a bunch of them were shipped to Los Angeles. It’s Pamela Anderson’s doing. I can say that I love my dog more than limbs I have. I hope it’ll work out for all those that lost everything.

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