Revenge of the Nerds

What does the number 2863 mean to you? To me it’s the amount of infected files found on my computer. Yep. Why haven’t I posted in a couple of days? That’s right. Two thousand, eight hundred and sixty three infected files. The ‘computer fixer dude’ said that was an all time record. More than twice the amount he’s ever seen. I must say, I am proud. It makes me seem hard core and punk rock – in the world of people that actually care about that type of thing.

Now I asked the ‘computer fixer guy’ to explain to me how this happened. I wanted the version that wouldn’t make me sound like a moron. Yes, I had anti-virus software. Yes, I ran scans and had it on auto protect. I did all that. I didn’t get VIRUSES – I got Trojans. Oddly enough, there was no version of the story that didn’t make me sound like a moron. I’m supposed to know better.

I’ve been had. I’ve been had by people whom reading books about programming doesn’t make them break down into tears. People that dream in binary code. Who are these people? Socially inept – maybe. Cunningly adept – uh yeah!

I’ve had a PC since I was 5 years old. It makes me think I know stuff about computers by pure exposure. Now I realize – I am so behind! I’ve always identified as a nerd. Wow, I fall so short. If I’m a nerd at all, I’m the wrong kind of nerd. I’m the kind that’s good for nothing but useless trivia and information that will help no one. I’ve spent years lost in books to no personal benefit (save a career as a professional smart-ass). I can’t even be angry that my hard drive crashed – because I feel so inadequate – and I’m so jealous of the people that wrote those Trojans!!!

The moral of the story is just because you know your way around Photo Shop and don’t hyperventilate when you see html doesn’t mean that someone isn’t out there that is doing loops around your savvy on a slow day.

It sucks to be average.

Unless your trying to see how many infected files you can get on one computer – if so – I’ve got you beat.

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