Red Rover, Red Rover

As some of you will recall, Earth quit the Green Party and joined the GOP shortly after the 2000 election.

If you don’t live in America and you are wondering to yourself,”Why on earth is Earth a member of the US Republican Party?” I’ll point out that this isn’t the strangest thing to happen in world politics in recent times….

earth I support Rove. He deserves a metal.

tina The President calls him ‘turd blossom’.

earth I support Karl Rove, there’s no evidence of any wrong doing.

tina Uh, yeah there is. There are emails.

earth There have been a host of fake documents floating around. Me and my party no longer believe in documents. So the only evidence we believe is the word of people we trust and we trust Karl Rove. So, I support Karl Rove while he’s being viciously attacked by the liberals.

tina Yeah, it sucks when you get on the wrong side of a party with no political power.

earth I support Karl Rove, because he didn’t do anything wrong.

tina How did he not do anything wrong? He exposed the identity of a CIA operative, a woman serving her country in a dangerous capacity – he put her life in danger.

earth All is fair in loving war.

tina Did you just say–

earth Okay, got to go Tina.

tina But-but – you said—

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