Rainy Rainy Raleigh

The headliner I’m working with this week is a good friend of mine. He used to work with Bill Hicks. He was friends with him. I’m a huge Hicks fan. Anyway, anytime I do a crappy room, he’ll say,”Hicks did that room. Hell yeah, he played there – don’t be ashamed of that shit, you’re working.”

Another crappy show, another bizarre place I’ve never heard of: “Hicks did that room. He got thrown out of there.”

It gotten to the point now that I don’t even have to tell him where I’m playing. It’s assumed, by him that Hicks played EVERY WHERE so if there’s a place to see comedy – Hicks was there. It’s to make me feel better. He knows I find comfort in being reminded that a comedian that I really admire payed his dues just like I’m paying my dues.

Well, this club I KNOW Hicks definitely played. There are headshots ALL the greatest comedians in the last 20 years on the walls. Not ALL the comedians, that played in the last 20 years – all the great ones. Like Sam Kinneson, Rosanne, Jon Stewart and Carlin. You name them, they have played here.

The golden age of comedy ended around the time I hit puberty. I watched these people on television. Ironically, television has been blamed for the comedy boom going bust. Anyway, I loved watching them. Now, I’m booked at a club that I know they were all at.

It’s raining tonight. Middle of snow storm up north – no problem we’ll bing the plow and go to the show. Rain in Raleigh, lets make it a Blockbuster night. Very tiny crowd. I’m on a stage that is basically a shrine to my industry. No roaring laughter, kind of a muted chuckle (if such a thing exists). I’m not having a bad time. I’m not having a bad set. Just a small – lets hang out and chat with the comic and tell her stuff about our life – kind of crowd. At one point I said that if everyone starting joining hands I was going to leave.

That’s what tonight was a mixture of AWE this is a famous comedy club and AWW this is a famous comedy club.

note: I have another entry into the Tina T-Shirt Contest but I can’t figure out how to upload them on my loaner laptop. I’ll try to figure it out later.

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  1. Abby Taylor

    How long are you in Raleigh? As far as Chattanooga goes, Thursday night at the comedy club is a much slower night. Hopefully Friday will be a better crowd.

    You are spot-on about the weather and the south. If it snows an inch, everything is canceled. If it’s a forecast of snow, bread, milk, and bottled water sells out at the grocery stores.

  2. Tina D.

    Can you believe it Abby, Im here until Mon.! I unpacked my suitcase and everything.

    *crossing fingers* tomorrow should be better. But it’s supposed to rain some more.

  3. indeterminacy

    Who is Bill Hicks? It’s a shame but contempory U.S. culture often never makes it out of the country. I moved to Europe in the late 80’s. I can’t recall hearing about Bill Hicks at all.

    I missed Seinfeld, too. It ran briefly on German TV late at night (dubbed in German), but I don’t think they ever showed all the seasons. And it never became the phenomenon it did stateside. Most people here never heard of it.

  4. I. M. Dedd

    Did you read the article in the last Vanity Fair (with the Desperate Housewives cover) about the end of the golden age of comedy?

  5. Tina D.

    Dedd, I did read that article. I was irritated by it because it’s a story that is now over ten years old. Comedy clubs started closing in 1993ish. The line about all the comedy clubs turning into strip clubs is older than OJ material. Errr.

    Indeterminacy, Bill Hicks was celebrated more in Europe than in the US. The Brits loved him. If you google him, all the fan sites are British. There are tons of mp3s of his floating around the web. He also died ten years ago. If he’d have lived passed the age of 32 – you would have heard of him.

  6. Daniel

    Hope the show went well. All the celebrities are in my hometown this weekend for the biggest race of the year!

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