Post 200!!!


That’s right! This is the 200th time I have posted on this blog. That warrants some tips in my PayPal account huh? *hint* *hint*

I considered going back and deleting some of the lamer stuff, that way I could put off the big 200. But no, I decided to just move on and hope the next 200 is better.

Then I fretted over what I would write about for my 200th post. It should be something good. Then I thought,”Why be inconsistent? It would throw my regular readers off.”

What is long due is some blogging about blogging and what it has meant to me.

I read a lot of blogs. I’m pretty much the biggest lurker ever. I comment on about 1% of the blogs I read. Blogging is beyond just a publishing platform. It’s a curse. Just kidding, it’s great – I have no life away from my computer.

Anyway, I will weigh the pros and cons about my blogging:

It forces me to write everyday.

It forces me to write everyday.

I’ve had to learn Photo Shop, html AND css.

I’ve had to learn Photo Shop, html AND css.

Seriously, blogging has been good to me. The whole, not re-writing an article until it actually makes sense – past time is totally over rated.

So here’s where you, dear readers come in:
To help me celebrate two years and 200 posts, I ask for your input. There are very few professional stand ups that blog. This is kind of a political satire blog…sometimes. And then it’s just weird stuff that makes me laugh. Coming soon is some podcasting and video. Soon enough.

So I open the comments up to your suggestions. How can I make this site better? Anything? The color, the three columns, the content…What would would you like to see more of? What would you like to see less of?

I’m talking to you lurkers out there – I’m one of you – now STEP UP and say something.

And thanks to everyone for celebrating this little blogosphere marker with me!

8 Comments Post 200!!!

  1. Homo Insapiens

    Congtaulations on this impressive milestone! The only suggestion that comes to mind is that you might split the tip jar with those of us who comment on this post. Please ignore any suggestions to include photos of your feral cats sitting on your recent knitting project captioned by quotes from The Book of Revelations.


  2. Abby Taylor


    One thing I think is critically important to the success of your blog and to your financial success, and even to your future in the entertainment industry, is that you add som……….. hey, what’s that, doughnuts???????? mmmmmmmmm

  3. Tina D.

    It’s elementary my dear Watson…

    there have been 11 posts that I wrote, looked at, saved and deleted. There should have been more, but there’s only been 11.

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