Packing Day


Things to bring:

  • A couple of books I won’t get around to reading.
  • Burned CDs that may or may not work in my rental car.
  • Itineraries of the shows and bookers numbers – NOT the fax numbers – who uses faxes anymore? If I can’t fax through my cell phone – forget it – I’m not doing it.
  • One weeks worth of clothes to wear and one weeks worth of clothes that I won’t wear.
  • Two atlases: One to leave in a random hotel – one to spill coffee on the first day.
  • Mailing addresses of my friends that would like me to send them a postcard. Oh yes, my intentions are always good. It just that I can never get around to buying stamps – just ask my phone company.
  • A set of books on CDs with a chapter or two missing.
  • Sandwiches, that will turn into peanut butter tortillas, that I’ll end up throwing out.
  • A longing for Satellite Radio and a Black Berry.
  • A delicate balance of organization and total spaciness – coupled with the hubris that I travel well.
  • Off to the Northwest…

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    1. indeteminacy

      It’s a great photo! If I had found this by accident, I would have saved it. That’s coming from someone who has about 10 gb of found photos on his pc to sort through.

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