Oroville and Berkeley, CA

Indian casino. No internet access. No cell phone reception…and the little machines with the bright lights sang to me all night. “Tina, you could double your pay. You’re not like those other slot zombies – you’ll actually win. Just five dollars…”

It’s never one time – for anything. If there is a bad habit out there – I like to do it until the point of intervention. The way I see it – life is too long not to have some bad habits. I’ll gamble when I have money to lose.

Anyway, now I am in the Bay Area. I lived here when I was a teenager. The only thing that does is make me constantly look to run into the guys that wouldn’t talk to me in HS. “Yeah, remember how you ignored me junior year because I was weird? Well, I’m still weird – and now you’re FAT!!!”

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  1. indeteminacy

    Poetic justice. At least it’s fun to be weird!

    Reminds me of W.C. Fields:
    “….You’re crazy….I’ll be sober tomorrow, but you’ll be crazy the rest of your life…”

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