Orange Alert

Yes, I was in the 45-minute black out. No, I was no where near an elevator. And yes, I still have my Y2K emergency kit that I restock for riots, mudslides, brown-outs, black-outs, earthquakes and grocery store strikes. The lack of electricity as with all problems in Los Angeles – just makes the countries worst traffic – even worse.

This black-out came the day after this:

orange alert

Los Angeles target in new 9-11 threat
Exactly four years after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror onslaught against the U.S., a brand new communique broadcast on ABC News is targeting Los Angeles for more attacks.

“Yesterday, London and Madrid. Tomorrow, Los Angeles and Melbourne, God willing.”

According to ABC, Gadahn went from a typical southern California teenager who liked heavy metal music to an operative for al-Qaida in just a few years. He reportedly converted to Islam at an Orange County mosque, and was influenced by terrorists who brought him to Pakistan.

Dear Terrorist that looks like Bill Gates,

I know you had a hard life growing up in Orange County. With the mind numbing track homes and the never ending strip malls. The family dinners at the Olive Garden and the birthdays at Red Lobster. The beaches and the 363 days a year of sunshine is rough on a young child. The fireworks from the ‘Happiest Place on Earth’ everyday of your life has scarred you – and now you have no choice but to use all your pent up anger at living in the one of the richest counties in the country and make terrorist videos of you dressed in a burka.

You are a POSER. I heard the tape – you grew up in Southern California and now you have a middle eastern accent. And like all the other Orange County POSERS that have threatened me personally – you creep me out but you don’t scare me.

I live in Los Angeles. I live in a city built on a fault line, with riots, freeway shootings, gang shootings, drug shootings, police shootings, domestic shootings, court house shootings, school shootings, celebrity shootings and celebratory shootings for weddings, holidays and New Years. SO, a threat by a suburban kid tied to an international terror organization? YAWN…

I need a battery operated coffee grinder for my kit….

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  1. Leo

    Haha, well said on the Poser comment, well said.

    He’s kind of the madonna of Terrorists, thinks the accent will get him some respect or something.

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